The Benefit Of Having A Highly Engaged Editorial Advisory Board

Source: Life Science Leader
By Rob Wright, Chief Editor, Life Science Leader

Pamela Reilly Contag, Ph.D.One of Life Science Leader’s newest editorial advisory board (EAB) members is Pamela Reilly Contag, Ph.D., cofounder and CEO of BioEclipse Therapeutics. You might recognize her from the May 2020 issue in which she is featured. I first met Contag during an interview at this year’s annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (JPM). Afterward, I commented how she gave a great interview. Upon further reflection I thought that she would be exactly the type of person who’d make a great addition to our EAB. She was authentic and transparent, while possessing a willingness to passionately speak her mind in a constructive, yet non-confrontational way, even when in disagreement. So, after publication of the May issue, I asked if she’d want to join the EAB, which she did.